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[DJ Khaled]
Remix, Speedin' Remix, the movement
I introduced you to the projects, I introduced you to the hood
I introduced you to the ghet-to, I introduced you to Rick Ross
The Boss is back, Trilla
This the remix, Speedin' Remix (Ross got me Speedin' baby)
We the best

This for all my goons, workin' on pills
Speedin' to make me run in yo crib
Put they 'opper behind yo ear
Monkey suit, black mask, City Boy gear
Slippin' got a lot of niggaz whacked this year
Been up two days straight homie, no sleep
Ridin' with choppers lurkin' fo' deep
Jumpin' out on the first thing, look sweet
Double 'stangs got the goons grittin' teeth
Car full of throw away big boy heat
Two brand new K's hangin' off seats
Yeah it got me Speedin' all week

G4 straight from the N.O.
We get money, stay fly till the next show
We got money, stay fly till we get mo'
We got bitches, high rollin' with this cash flow
Put the H in the hood
Put a one on the good
Put a slab on the wood
Shit, me and Ross doin' good
One hundred million dollars nigga, hangin' in the hood

[Busta Rhymes]
Check, I'm doin' donuts in the streets (Streets), pedal to the glass (Glass)
My lord have Murcielago max on the dash
Speedin' niggaz can't see me in the blink of a flash
You got to slow motion to flick so you can see me when I pass
You know just what to do when you see me give me my cash
When I pull up drop the bags of bread then I'm doing a dash
No confusion understand no gimmicks
Duke is like the Autobahn, disregardin' the speed limits
Fast life, fast broads, let's get it fast buddy
Fast food, fast cars, we gettin' fast money
Fuck the talk we been doin' this, heat it up
And when you bringin' me my cake you better speed it up

[Hook - R. Kelly with DJ Drama ad-libs]
Fast life, I live, big cars, big cribs
Speeeeed, Speedin'
Speeeeed, I'm speedin'
I can't stop it's all I know
From a young'n I was taught to get dough
Speeeeed, Speedin'
Speeeeed, I'm speedin'

It's all a big ricky in my brand new Bentley
Doing a buck fifty finna to get another meal ticket
I ain't bein' funny I don't see the competition
Since a young'n get the money all I ever comprehended
Business hall ass, ball 'til you fall yeah
Y'all sit on y'all ass, now I see why y'all mad
I'm leaving y'all ass, I ain't seein' y'all ass
Ever cross that line I'm puttin' three in y'all face, speedin'

[Gorilla Zoe]
Seventeen five, god damn lie
Country niggaz payin' damn near twenty five
Who gon' pick 'em up, pick 'em up first flight
Call Ricky Ross, hell yeah high five
Throw them in the trunk (Trunk) I'll tape them to the fender (Fender)
Scrapin' off the plate like a nigga's eatin' dinner
I'm speedin' shorty you trippin'
If you see the blue lights homie I'm dippin'

[Fat Joe]
Niggaz want hood rep the hood back
Shit Joey the Don they call me Cook Crack
If you look at 'em wrong you get it pushed back
From rags to riches and never look back
I'm watchin' pelicans fly me and Rick racin' Diddy on boats
Throwin' money in the air and you niggaz is jokes
New York, New York big city of dreams
I'm a hustler baby I'm addicted to CREAM
I'm talking money, cars, hoes, bitches
Cap a damn suit let the feds take pictures
Eighty eight pose just me and my niggaz
Thank god for that white if you feelin' religious

I grew up on the crime side the New York time side
Nickel a

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