My Midnight Creeps - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

It's another night
You're all alone
You don't want the night to turn into daylight

Because you like it here
This is what you want
Don't want to see your love
Don't want to hear her sound

Oh you're going down
But it's a whole lot better
Than standing still
I know you need a friend

'Cause this is the year
The wild, wild times
Where everything can happen if you want it to
Now I know you do
I know you do

But don't push to hard
Think of what you got
You might loose one you love

Is all you got
When the love is gone
You don't feel that strong
You're gonna need someone
Keeping you warm
And lead you down that hall

that's all
that's all
that's all
that's all

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