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How can you believe the lies bestowed on you by a false of creed when the truth is right in front of you. They consume and hide the real truth to a superstitious fear and stitch the mouth of all who interfere.
You look into the world with blind eyes, always fearful of your demise but you people don't seem to realize is that you're fearing a fucking myth. A tale you comply with or be condemned to torment.
Your loving idol would conflict woe and pain
Oh! I won't be deceived by serpents lies or cry out to the sky.
This goes out to all of those who've ever feared to really live because of all the sin and blasphemy. Pursue what you really want and don't let anything stop you no matter what get what you want. Nothing bad will ever come from getting what you desire.
Forget the rules no one will find out. Living your life this way will only bring great satisfaction so take it all and give nothing.
Or are these the words of a snake
Now it's gone and you will feel the pain of life.
You were blinded by your greedy mind and now it's time.
This is now your new reality hope you enjoy the choices of your mortality.
You will then feel what it's like to bleed, You will feel this pain everyday.
Every ounce of blood that you spill is real, No more tree of life and it's all your fault.
Desolation of Eden begins.

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