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All aboard! Watch your step, people. Last call for The Nightmare Express!

I found myself slippin’ away
Just this side of dead.
I woke up in a boxcar, I wasn’t in my bed.

I found my leg chained to a spike
That ran down through the floor, Attached to thirteen angry men.
All rotten to the core.

“But I’m innocent, ” I cried right out
“I’m in someone else’s dream!”
They looked around and laughed out loud, Said, “Brother, so are we!
Yeah, brother, so are we!”

“But I’m a big celebrity
Known all ‘round the land!”
“Well buddy, you ain’t no one here, Man, you ain’t in demand.”

Speedin’ towards a flamin’ wall
Like a screamin’ sonic boom.
I really gotta wake up now
Or I may meet my doom, oh Lord!
I may meet my doom!

So all that I remember
Is how much my body hurts.
Now I’m sleepin’ in the graveyard
On the wrong side of the dirt.
Now, on the wrong side of the dirt.
Wrong side of the dirt, don’t you know, I’m on the wrong side of the dirt!

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