She don't like it when it's cut'n'dry
And don't like me makin' future plans
And don't want me tryin' to let her down
She ain't about to give an inch of ground, no

Well, she can take me for a little ride
But just as long as she drives me home
Around the block, maybe once or twice
And then some lovin', oh wouldn't that be nice, yeah

I want what I wanted
Oh, what a fool believes
I got 'er in my sight, but just out of reach, oh, oh

Here we go round, (round, round, round)
Run - run - runaround, yeah (round, round, round, round)
Here we go around, (round, round, round)
She's givin' me the runaround, yeah, ow (round, round, round, round)

I just love 'er keepin' me hanging on She knows exactly what I need
And right down to the knick of time
I'm chasin love down a fine, fine line

(guitar solo)

Yeah, hey, yeah Ooh, yeah Ooh, ahhh Goes like this Listen baby
Ooh, ow, ah, uhh

Oh, man it's hard enough Yeah, and you make it harder
Fill me up and then I'm satisfied (owes me, she owes it to me)

Oh Whoa, yeah around Oh, I like it Ow, I like it
Yeah, I'm gonna like it Babe, I said I like it
Uh, I said I like it

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