Van Halen - Mean Street - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

At night I walk this stinkin' street
Past the crazies on my block
And I see the same old faces
And I hear that same old talk
And I'm searching for the lastest thing
A break in this routine
I'm talkin' some new kicks
Ones like you ain't never seen


This is home This is Mean Street
It's our home The only one I know

And we don't worry 'bout tomorrow
Cause we're sick of these four walls
Now what'd ya think is nothing
Might be something after all
Now you know this ain't no through street
The end is dead ahead
The poor folks play for keeps down here
They're the living dead

Come on down Down to Mean Street
They're dancing now Out on Mean Street


(This is home)
See, a gun is real easy
(This is Mean Street)
In this desperate part of town
(This is home)
Turns you from hunted into hunter
(This is Mean Street) Go and hunt somebody down
(This is home) But, hear me now, somebody said Fair Warning, Lord!
(This is Mean Street) Lord, strike that poor boy down

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