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"We landed in JFK, and we were picked up in a limousine. We had never been in a limousine before, and with the din of punk rock not yet faded from our ears, there was sort of guilty pleasure as we stepped into the limousine. Followed by a sly grin, as you admit to yourself this is fun. We crossed Triborough Bridge and saw the Manhattan skyline. The limo driver was black and he had the radio
turned to WBLS, a black music station. Billie Holiday was singing. And there it was, city of blinding lights, neon hearts. They were advertising in the skies for people like us, as London had been the year before. And it was snowing." - Bono, U2 By U2 2006

Give it up, Edge

It was a cold and wet December day
Stu was out at JFK
Snow was melting on the ground
BLS I heard the sound of an angel
New York, like a Christmas tree
Tonight Slane Castle belongs to me, angel

Soul love, this love won't let me go
So long Angel of Harlem

Zoo landing on fifty-three
Guys I got a symphony
John Coltrane and a love supreme
Miles, and she's got to be an angel
Lady Day got blood-shot eyes
She sees the truth behind the lies, angel

Soul love, this love won't let me go
So long Angel of Harlem

There's quite a few of 'em

She's heart and soul
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Blue light on the avenue
God knows they got to you
An empty glass, the lady sings
Eyes swollen like a bee sting
Blinded, you lost your way
On the side streets and the alleyway
Like a star exploding in the night
Falling to the city in broad daylight
An angel in Devil's shoes
Salvation in the blues
You never looked like an angel
So long, Angel of Harlem

Angel, Angel of Harlem
Angel of Harlem

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