Tinchy Stryder - Game Over (Feat Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example, Chipmunk) - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Tinie Tempah)

Uh (???) man grew up in a raw estate
now every time i draw my dates there like
how the fu-k did you afford this place
First place first place first place
try act up dem man will address 'dat
call it, put a fu-kin man ina place
sound great for goodness sake
i aint gotta que cause they know my face
girls took my watch tryina wind up on me
i was like i aint got time to waste
get it? i aint got time to waste
get it? try get high up in my face
got a big pitbull and i dont member the love

(Tinchy Stryder)

dey better let me go
let me loose
im froze im cold my veins are blue
hell to home but satan proved
good as gold my angels flew
yo dey cant knock down mine
cops on floors and lock down lines
i am not human real life mutant
ask me follow ya i am not man kind
yo look under my eyelids
all red i bleed from the iris
like i been tokin on weed highest
like my brains on freeze minus
cold, i aint letting it melt
ill start anythin i aint lettin it fail
suttin like this and ill seperate that
I stay here i aint lettin um chill......

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