Timbaland - Oh Timbaland - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Bounce, bounce, bounce hum

[Verse 1:]
A aint got no fillin, Ama let these niggaz know, A been killin em wit these beats, Now am spittin dem killer flows, Whatcha know bout me dog, Not a damn thing, Gotta problem u can c me in da streets dog, Am on 1 man game, Dont take this lightly, If a want u dead its done, A can make dat hype n b cuts, Nigga ma bread is long, A done been both sides of the tracks, U can say a trained da game, A lotta niggaz tryna get in ma lane, Err body askin me da same ol thing, (what they say)

[Chorus: x8]
Oh timbaland, Where he go run to

[Verse 2:]
A aint goin nowhere dog, Ama b right here in ya face, Cant do it like me dog, Ya kick drum aint got enough bass, Dont ever talk bad about me, U just might make me mad, N a jus might c u sumwhere, N brake ur ass in half, Its nothin but timbaland in da u strip, Now am in a whole nother zone, U can let me do me, U can do u, O get popped in ya door, Hit love on the verge to da block, So recognize da game, Timbaland aint gonna run mowhere baby, Timbaland got private planes, [Chorus: x8]
Oh timbaland, Where he go run to

[Verse 3:]
A been around, Sometime long ago, A seen da life, Dont act like u aint seen it b4, Am listenin dog, U aint sayin shit, U can keep on wishin, U never make a hit, Yeah a got money, Take it all from me, I'mma gon b da same, U can get a few whips, U can get a few chips, U still gon be a lame, We aint da same my nigga, Am on some other shit, I'mma say this plain n simple, Nigga take this punishment, Ama take yall on a trip, Ama take yall on a ride, And 1 day am gon dip, but a won't be hard to find

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