Thomas Anders - This Time - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

(Austin Roberts Todd Cerney Nat Kipner)

A little at a time
We made love grow
We had our feelings and we let 'em show
We never dreamed that anything
Could go wrong, but it did

A little at a time
And day by day
Took love's foundations and just chipped away
So out of touch, we were too blind to see
How'd we let it happen

You and I just watched a good love die
We just stood by and let it slip away
Now that we've lost the flame
We know we're both to blame
We're guilty of falling out of love
A little at a time

A little at a time
Drifted apart
Forgot those feelings that once filled out hearts
We had it all until we throw it all away
Now it's too late to save i

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