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Away With The Night Feel
http: away with the night

I wanna be home
Where it's just home
Where moons surround me alone
And I follow my own

Saturn is the way
I met Saturn on my way
Jupiter makes me obey
Mars couldn't be bothered

I have a break on Venus
Where I meet my mirror
And she smiles at me
And I wave her hello

And suddenly I see him as well
But he looks kind of different
His hair is short
And he reminds me of myself

And I follow my dream
And I pick it up well
Remember the lives
Which echoes never tell
Which echoes never tell

I wanna go home
Where I just be alone
With my own
Yeah yeah

Sometimes I have a bath in the sun
When it's not too cold
Sometimes I dance with Saturn
And we hold my dreams

Life is like a ping-pong
And I jump in between

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