The Real Tuesday Weld - The Ugly and the Beautiful - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Well after all that we’ve been through
Would you still call this “love”, baby
‘Cause love is the only proof That
the ugly could be beautiful

God knows I’m feeling spent, (Spent)
The wife’s still got my money, honey
Money is the revenge
Of the ugly on the beautiful

Well the drugs just ain’t enough, (enough)
Though I like the way they made us crazy
But love’s the only drug
(only drug)
That turns the ugly into the beautiful
And I can’t tell you why (why)
I’m still so much afraid of
But dying reconcile
The ugly with the beautiful

Though we’ve been spurned by it
Let’s still believe in love
Cause love is the greatest gift
Of the ugly to the beautiful.

Though we’ve been burned by it
(Though we’ve been burned by it)
Let’s still believe in love
(Let’s still believe)
‘Cause love’s the greatest gift
(‘Cause love’s the greatest gift)
Of the ugly to the beautiful.

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