Sum 41 - Slipping Away - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Slipping away, just a heartbeat from disaster
Nothing could make me stay, close your eyes and I`ll be gone
Turn the page, yeah, time to start another story
Slipping away, slipping away, time to move along

No reason to stay
Oh, when I`m slipping away

Take a look at yourself, you`ve been running in a circle
Round and round you go, you`re a start without an end
Start a new life, yeah, from the city of the gypsies
Running away, slipping away, right behind the plow

Slipping away
Slipping away
Nobody to pay
Look out, `cause I`m slipping away

Rockin` the glass, I won`t leave you my reflection
A future without a past, no more road to take me back
Come if you will, just don`t question my direction
Running away, slipping away, we can find the sun

Slipping away
Slipping away
Got nobody to pay
And you`re slippin` away

No more running in a circle
It`s time to move along
Round, round, round we go
A start without an end
So I`m slipping away
Slipping away

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