Staind - Falling - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

What's happened to you?
It's obvious you've changed,
Something deep inside you
Is probably to blame,
Must be lonely up there
With your head out in the clouds,
Even though you got there,
What does your conscience tell you now?

It's never the same on the way down,
How does it feel
When your feet finally hit the ground?
When all of your bridges aren't around,
And the sandcastles you built
Are falling down...

You had us all sitting right there in your hands,
But you had to fall,
Because that's how this life is.
Got your fingers burned
By burning candles at both ends,
Now the table's turned,
And now your demons are your friends.


So now I question what you're gonna do,
Now that everything's
Caught up with you,
You believe the shit you say is true,
But everybody's on to you,
Life remembers everything you do,
Your karma has caught up with you...


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