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This is dedicated ta da n*ggaz dat been down from day one
Welcome to Death Row

Like we always do about this time

Ha ha ha yeah
9 deuce
Death Row Records
Creepin while ya sleepin
N*ggaz wit attitudes
Naw loc
N*ggaz on a muthaf*ckin mission
What up n*ggaz and n*gga-ettes
That crazy-*ss n*gga'z back
In da muthaf*ckin hizz-ouse
The notorious Compton G
On the solo tip
F*ck da muthafoes
What up Ren
Droppin chronic flakes on yo *ss beotch
Westcoast flavor
N*ggaz dat talk sh*t
Get delt wit real quick
So if you wanna take a trip to da row
Let a n*gga like Snoop Doggy Dogg know
Protected by n*ggaz wit big d*cks, A.K.'s, and 187 skills
So if it's a must you test us
We can handle it in da streets n*gga
F*ck makin records
G's up hoes down
If dat b*tch can't swim
She bound da drizzown
Peace to my n*gga Drizzae
Another platinum hit n*gga
Peace to da D.O.C.
Still makin it funky enough
And Death Row records is in full muthaf*ckin affizzect
Oh Yeah
A.K.A. Jerry and EaZy
Sincirly yours
Deez muthaf*ckin n*ts
I don't love Eazy
I don't love Jerry
I don't love Ruthless records
Frankly I don't love nothin they got to do with
But you know what I whant you da do for me
Jerry and Eazy
Check this sh*t out right here
I want y'all ta put deez bizzalls
In ya jizzaws
And walk um like a strizzaw
Tell me what ya sizzaw
Y'all know what
F*ck all y'all
F*ck y'all
Really though
It's Death Row n*gga
You better ask somebody
You really better ask somebody

* "Impeach the President" by The Honeydrippers
* "Get Out of My Life, Woman" by Solomon Burke
* "Funky Worm" by Ohio Players
* "Country Cooking" by Jim Dandy
* "The Shalimar" by Gylan Kain

Yeah n*gga
You'z a penguin lookin muthaf*cka

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