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Angel, on this darkest night
Keep this candle burning bright
To light up the way of peace,
Rays of love for you and me.
Angel, are there eyes that see everywhere
All the tears and pain we share?
"Yes," - said the angel, - "there's a heart who cares:
It's the voice on the wind that knows your name"

We live in troubled times, deal with troubled minds,
The blind lead the blind, enlightenment hard to find.
Mankind in a state of confusion.
Peace on earth is a grand illusion.

Now polluted souls control roles of power.
Our darkest hour will not be the Twin Tower.
Evil the man, demands more destruction.
Crushing but rushing without the fear of repercussion.

What we need to do is take ourselves from the shelf,
'Coz God won't help those who won't help themselves,
While you sit on your asses with rose colored glasses.
Hey brutes build troops and masses, believe me.

Can we get past this? Yes, we can.
It'll take very woman and man understand:
We need a planned of grand proportion
Not this hazed, dazed, crazed distortion of living.


When you lay yourself to sleep,
Pray the Lord your soul to keep.
You will not die before you wake.
God will forgive, God will forgive all your mistakes

One shot, one love, one planet.
If you don't understand it you are doomed to damn it.
All then how we plan to stop these heartless bandits
So our sons and daughters can inherit something livable

Unforgivable acts of mayhem.
Looking for miracles but do you really give a damn?
While you watching all the evil that men do,
There's a higher power watching you really, now

Check yourself, before you check another, then
You can deal for real what hate love is, feel me.
Hypocrites kill me, twisting the facts
Holier than thou looking for the kick backs

Offering light at the end of the tunnel.
Get off the tracks, there's a train coming, start running
Your life 'coz it affects others.
Peace to my sisters and brothers


When you lay yourself to sleep,
Pray the Lord your soul to keep.
You will not die before you wake.
God will forgive for your mistakes.

I was lost like a lamb separated from the flock,
Couldn't get any sleep watching minutes on the clock.
So I closed my eyes and prayed He would see
The son that He'd lost to the industry

And He found me, grounded me, yeah, surrounded me.
My heart pounds for Jesus eternally.
Set me free, now safe I will always be,
Time to fulfill my destiny


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