Slipknot - Sucks - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

This song is deticated to britney spears....
Britney spears is a fuckin hoe,
i dont know really why.
she sucks so much cock she's really bad.
She's only good when she's nude in bed.
She's only good when the legs are spread.
Head down ready to give some hed.

Ooooooooo, dooo dooo dooo dooo doo doo
yea britney you're a real crap,
yea you suck soo much cock.

When she sings i wanna peuk,
and britney this song's just for you.
The only reason you got so far in pop,
is cuz you suck... so much cock.
The reason why your smile's so nice,
Is cuz John Candy fucked you twice.

John, John, John, John, Candy......

Oooooo, dooo dooo doo doo doo
Yea you're on crack,
you suck,
you play lack of sheets pissed on you.
Yea you smell,
yea you root sheep.

Britney, you suck shit.

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