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Your grind?! Yeah-yeah!
You're charged with possess in other people property
Yes, your honor
I'm guilty of "trudge"
But you know what?!
Let me tell you a story, alright! Yo-yo-yo!


She wanna be down
With me everyday
And she no want nobody in her way
Say she don’t want a clown
She do what I say
And I would never ever lead her a stray.
She wanna be down
With me everyday
And she no want nobody in her way
Say she don’t want a clown
Today is going away
So your grind, it is the road that I play.

[Verse 1]
That’s why me go stop that
Cause the boy left the gal
Gone work pon the laptop
Talk about him have hot job
Soon get a promotion
Reach all the top notch
Me give her the broke back
Me give her the style
Make the neck get crock back
Broke up to the work shop
Mash up everything pon all the shelf & work-not.

And when she a beg stop
Still put it on cause dutty never yet flop
Me a tell her say guess what
We done know the bed
Make her move to the desktop
And all the little rest pot
Catch up her bed
Get ready for the next lap
Her leg them flex back
She want me to give
Her it straight & bless that.


[Verse 2]
So we stay with the “Lu La Lay”
We no wrong none at all
We nuh line her day
Just gimme the gal them
Ready to want them
Gal them love me to sing we song them
Gal them call me to solve the problem
Gal them know so me nah go corn them
Nah go left them – that’s the anthem
Shout it out from the highest mountain!
Woman a me life
Every man should sing this song to...
But some don’t know what them a do
Mislead in the girls bag of lu
Well baby it’s alright!
I’ve been with you so many mood
So all rudebwoy just never lu
Never into, never had no crew that...


[Verse 3]
She know it
I flow with the way she really want it
She make about mine
Just to get my attention
So she just have flown it
She want me horny
That’s why she’ll be up morning
Stinking about what she can do to satisfy your yearning
She keep it burning like a flame
And so eternal do the same
Stirring the pant
And keeping it up to you
Girl that’s my game
And Mr. P man – it’s my name
Give it to the gal them
Make them fly up high like a plane
Could I, I obtain?!

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