Reason to Care - The Hospital of Panzi - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Years but it's not over they will come at night time and again please receive my voice it's not over we can't count the black hearts listen to that story please receive our voice now i'm here safe place safe place i'll tell my story there was no nightmare they came and my husband lost his light a little later his life six fiends and the forest i'll never forget but now i'm here safe place safe place all seem to be related to each other and a women says what's in my mind 'here i feel like a human being once again they have my body my whole life' rape as a weapon they lost everything nothing to relish anymore further voices tell stories about the never-ending cruelty it's about damnation no end in sight no childhood no existance you can't call it harm-it's worse so fucking worse day of discharge: my heart-like a clockwork i don't want to leave safe place safe place the way back home-primrose path...and they are going to come again please receive my voice

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