Ray LaMontagne - This Love Is Over - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Going out of my mind
Don't even know my own name half the time
How'd I get so blind that I couldn't see
What was right in front of me?

Wish I was wrong
I wish that you were right here lying in my arms
Deep down inside I got to face the truth
That you're not coming home

This love is over
This love is over

God knows I tried
I did everything I could to keep you satisfied
Being my baby was just a part you played
Like it was all some kind of game

And just like a child

Just like a child you got to have your way
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Now there's nothing left to say

This love is over
This love is over

Baby, I know I'll get along
Sometimes you got to make it on your own
It's more than my pride that's got me all tied
Up inside, girl, it's all the lying

Guess, it's time to close the door
I don't wanna cry anymore
It's just not worth fighting for this love

It's over, this love is over

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