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I surrender to your heart babe,
Do anything that you want me to do.
Please be tender, yeh - I'm in your hands girl,
This is a feeling I never knew.

You know I tried to make it on my own -
That's not the way it was meant to be -
Spend my time wait you by the phone,
Oh darling, come back to me (back to me)!

I surrender, I surrender,
I'm giving up the role of pretender.
Oh, be tender, girl be tender,
Can't you feel the love that I send you!?
I surrender! Ah!

(Guitar solo) [...]
I surrender. Ah-ha-ah-ah-ah! Oh, yeh.

I remember, seems like a lifetime
Can't believe it's a matter of days.
Since you left me, oh, I'm near to heartbreak -
I want you so bad, don't turn awa-a-a-ay!

What does it take to stay by my side?
You know I'll do what you want me to!
Don't take away this feeling inside,
I'm still in love with you (love with you)!

I surrender, I surrender,
Giving up the role of pretender.
I remember, I remember,
Can't you feel the love that I send you!?
I surrender! Ah-ha-ah-ah!

(Guitar solo) [...]
I surrender! Ah, yeh-i-eh-eh!
Oh-oh-oh-oh! Yeh-yeh!

I surrender, I surrender,
Darling, now won't you be tender!
Surrender, oh, surrender,
Feel the love that I send you!

(Guitar solo)
I surrender! Oh-oh! Oh, ye-e-eh!

Surrender! (Ooh) Ah-ah-ah-oh-oh! [...]
(Surrender, oh!) Yeh!
(Surrender, oh!) I surrende-er! I want you to stay!
(Surrender, oh!) Don't turn awa-a-a-ay, oh!
(Surrender, oh!) I surrender! Ah-ah-ah-ho! Ho! Don't turn away!

(Fade out)

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