Plastikman - Ask Yourself - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

OST Revolver 2005
(i guess it's a good place to start... inside my head, i guess it's where everything starts, and probably ends... all of these little ideas and, thoughts, comes around, so i guess the ideas for music and, you know, everything comes from somewhere... somewhere inside here... it would be interesting to exactly find the place where that starts, or, it's always different, maybe you can't isolate the exact location... anyway it's hard to say... well i guess it's a good place to start the album, i guess everything starts here... and probably ends here...)

i hear everything
those aren't voices in your head
they're just the echoes of your indecision
don't ask me
ask yourself

i know everything
those thoughts going around in your head
trying to figure out what's right and what's wrong
don't ask me
ask yourself

i feel everything
was it me, us, or them
or was it you
don't ask me
ask yourself

i am everything
why listen to me
i'm just a voice inside your head
i can't help you
help yourself

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