Peter Tosh - No Sympathy - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

I can't find

no love
no sympathy
what kind of love
they've got for me

I'm on my way
to happiness
where I can find
some peace and rest

When I'm in troubles yeah
only me only me feel the pain
no one good word of advice
from any of my so-called friends


Might as well might as well
I get out of hell
hell could never be made for me
so I'm gonna search search
'til I'm free

No love no love


I can't find no love
no no sympathy
what kind (3×) of love
they got (3×) for me

They don't love themself
so they can't love no one else

I just can't find (3×) no love
I can't find (3×) no sympathy
I can't find (3×) no love at all
what kind of love (3×)
people got for me

I'm searchin'

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