Of Porcelain Vs Garbage - Shut Your Signal - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

What's your opinion of the dire situation in our land here
Our guest here, of course you'll be nice here.
How do you feel about God and religion
Are you good people Bad people
Guess it doesn't matter people
Your place, my place, Make her bring that famous face.
You got some, you want some, You wanna let me get you some.
We know your music but of course we'd never buy it, It's too fake man, right man, We don't give a fucking damn

And the world spins by with everybody moaning.
Pissing, bitching and everyone is shitting, On their friends, on their love
On their oaths, on their honor, On their graves, on their mouths.
And their words say nothing

We love you, we hate you, We love you, we want you
We need you, we wish we were like you.
They say you're a saint, you're a whore, You're a sinner.
That he had you, he made you, He can't live without you.
Would you confess if we asked
That you nurture the urge
To declare that it's time to settle down
With a man of your own
You want a baby, a family, A piece of security.

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