Ocarina - Song Of Ocarina - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Can you hear, A song is born
It's a ballad of the storm
Thunder, Heavy wind
The song of stoms begins

So be brave, play the song
And a heavy storm will come
Come to destroy
The land

Feel the rain, feel the snow
Feel the wind his mighty blow
Weather in a song
The song of storms goes on

So be wise, look the sky
Play a song to hear it cry
These notes can control
The storm

Now the song has be played
Everybody is afraid
Rain falls on the land
The song of storms won't end

Play the notes, loud and strong
Rain is hiding in the song
Lighting strikes the ground

No more rain, claer blue sky
The morning sun makes wet things dry
All dark clouds are gone
But song of stoms goes on

Play the song, and you will see
It's a cursed melody
And the storm will come
To you

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