NFS Carbon - Hard Drivers - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

You don't know all the things that I've seen
Nice guys think it's cause I'm a little mean
Rippin' or just cruisin'
Then I'm burnin' rubber like there is no other

Four-wheel traction, lights and spoilers
Smooth road, off-road, let's just roll
Double exhaust, ports ready to blow
Rip that gasket, ready steady go!
Zingin' to 100 in 4 point 0, seconds
Look at me, what do ya reckon?
Distinct, buddy, like stylized baitin'
Globally accepted, ready and competitive
Engine v10, 5-5 loaded
Push my pedals, watch me, explosive
Shooing outta my way, switching lanes, overtake
Speed dial, interface, sick skins, interchange
Anyhow, pick a place, connoisseur lovers
Hard drivers, come and choose your colours
Hard top, soft top, hatchback, covers
Embroidered horses, and my little headrests
Ware in engines, articulated noises
Beat, no D-Tone, horsepower forces
What I'm talkin' bout is known in courses

Feel the rush, feel the adrenaline
When you fly fast
And you wishin' it was permanent x2

Feel the rush, feel the adrenaline
When you breakin' fast
Cause you see your way to Heaven

Feel the rush, feel the adrenaline x2

You don't know all the things that I've seen
Under the stars and under the greens
You don't know the places I've been
More roads while passin' the trees
Well, I'm very far from done
Many buddies soon to see
Many counties wait to see
Cruising countries overseas

1, 2, 3, 4
Ready to blow, ready to go
Ready to kick down, lick down roads
Ready to earn then burn then miss
Wanna touch this? how ya like this?
Still got many moves and appear into the mist
Steady on the climb with the big Blue Six
Burn em x8
Burn em x4

Under the rain, under the snow
Under us all, I can move, let's go
Under the force, under the horse
I can move on any course, let's roll
I can take on anyone, let's roll
I can take on anything, let's go
Burn em x4
Turn em x4

Singin', livin'
That's how I'm zippin'
Every time the last
Got me open when I'm winnin'
Switchin', trippin'
That's how I'm kickin'
Boss of my car
Cause I'm fast now
I'm steppin', reppin'
That's what I'm doin'
Tearin' on the steerin'
While the others try to fit in
Bein', sweatin', that's what's givin'
The difference of the game
But I kill the competition

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