Morten Harket - Quiet - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Saw you walking by the place
where we used to meet
-turn your head and disappear
onto busy street
Nothing mattered
-back when things were true-
but you were beautiful,
you had things to do

The snow has covered every track from me to you
And you will never know, my love, what I think of you

Did you touch the sky,
like you wanted to?
Did you make a life,
the way you told me to?
Would I see it in your eyes,
just like I used to do?

Things are quiet now
when I think of you
Have you made a life,
or are you quiet, too?
Like a plane across the sky
-before the sound breaks through-
Have you made a life
or are you quiet, too?

Music by Morten Harket and Peter Kvint
Lyrics by Ole Sverre Olsen and Morten Harket
Produced by Peter Kvint and Morten Harket
Mixed by Peter Kvint at Studio Brun
Recorded by Peter Kvint at Studio Brun, Erik Ljunggren at , Tor Einar Krogtoft Jenssen at Snowdrop Studios and Lars K Hustoft

Guitars Morten Harket,
Keyboards/programming Peter Kvint, Lars K Hustoft

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