Mike Mareen - Stand Up - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

They are playing down the playground yard
With toys of freedom - and toys of war
Cildren are innocent on judgement day
But who is guilty - ever more?

Now you've grown up, the world seems wrong
Before you're too old - turn that wheel
Take the challenge to your heart
Don't live in silence - turn the page

Tell all the people around
Make sure it's time for a change
Right now cry out your soul
No life can be without love

Stand up and fight - We'll find a way
For a world of sympathy - We got the power
Men of the world - Stand up and fight
Take your chance and find some harmony - Stand up

How long will you trust the other side
Believe in peace - and the power of love
You have the chioce to finish the fears
or stay indifferent all the days

a) (I want) You, you, you and you (to) Stand up
b) Stand up and dance

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