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Katie Melua (sample):
First of all must go
Your scent upon my pillow
And then I'll say goodbye
To your whispers in my dreams

And then our lips will part (no)
In my mind and in my heart
Cause your kiss
Went deeper than my skin


ey what now

yo, listen up bra...

Lemme tell you 'bout Harry
Harry was the only brit in school with his jeans baggy, hair nappy, teared khaki's, He used to skateboard and smoke baccy.
Girls used to say: Why is Harry so unhappy
But he weren't unhappy, he was just Harry.
Happy to chill and smoke weed in an alley.
In a bally told his friends he'd never marry.
No girls ever connect with him.
They never seem interested, they never interested him.
And all the girls in the school were so stuck up, So caught up in material, it's fucked up.
He said one night, that he would search the world's end, To find a delta esque( ) and intelligent girlfriend.
Next day, he was in the library, in Highberry
Checking out the X-men comics, When his eyes done meet the most beautiful woman that he could ever dream of.
All he had to do was just speak to her.

Katie Melua (sample):
First of all must go (yeah)
Your scent upon my pillow
And then I'll say goodbye
To your whispers in my dreams
And then our lips will part (no)
In my mind and in my heart
Cos your kiss
Went deeper than my skin

Wow, her name was Misha, she was reading Nietzsche.
He said: my name is Harry but people call me weezah, And nice to meet you.
He couldn't believe fate would play his cause like this, He would find a girl so quick who had a heart like this.
He fell head over the heels for Misha, All the other girls seemed 2D, she was 3D.
So much deeper, Jezus, she seemed so perfect.
Life turned beautiful, suddenly seeming worth it.
Misha said she worked with children.
Just turned nineteen, the older women got Harry turnin' decent.
They linked up a couple times after.
Her kiss was like a gift in a myth.
And amidst the laughter she said: You'd be a great father.
This was getting deep, 'cause it would soon get harder.
As her face turned serious she said:
I lied to mask up, the fact I don't work with kids, I'm an erotic dancer.

Poor 'Arry

What's he gonna do now
Met the love of his life and found out she's a stripper.

The chosen tribulations of a young man.
Thinking what do I do.
She's like the virgin Mary working as a prostitute.
What would you do if she was sweeter than the rest
Deeper than the rest, but made a living off her breasts
She said: Don't hate me, 'cause I already hate myself.
He said: I can't hate you, I love you, but fucking hell.
How am I supposed to sleep at night, Knowing that you're out there skinning poor venitian guys.

That's what Misha said
I've gotta go working now, ( )
Poor Harry, he was just a good guy, even though he loved her, he knew had to say goodbye.

(Misha on the phone)
Hi Harry, it's me, Misha.
Please don't be mad at me, can't you please pick up the phone
It's just a job, I don't understand why you just... why you just can't get it.

Harry lived out his life in non-existence
tried to find another Misha, but no one's competition.
Once you find love and lost love, you don't feel anything, just nothing but some old blood
So he got a rope, and on a peice of paper wrote
"I cant cope on my own"
And cried as he put the rope around his throat, And no one even heard the yell, As he kicked the stool from underneath his burdened self


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