Mary Mary - Walking - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

God is a present
Help in time of trouble
He will lift this up
And he will always make a way

Tell me what you see when I pass by
Shut up a .. line in the sky
Am I getting you to .. or am I getting you by
All I can take is one step at the time

Look at me, I’m trying
Every day, I fall down
Make mistakes, get back up
Try again, next time that you see me
I’m walkin’

I’m walking (repeats)

Some people see walking takes too long
But I say with walking you can’t go wrong
Why should you rush away trough life
You won’t get there if you’re running all the time

What does my life stay about me
Can anyone see
Does it show I walk
with the greatest
I can’t get back the time I spent
Use the rest of it to show
all the world how I made it

I’m walking (repeats)

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