Mariah Carey - Babydoll - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

(oh aw baby)
(oh oh oh um um um um um)

it's 2:11 and im stressin watchin tv in
my hotel suite
i check my service every second, at 2:10
you still haven't called me(no no no no)
so i'm gone leave my cell phone turned
on in my purse by the bed
and 'for i fall asleep i guess i'll just check my mechine again and again because i'm obssesing over you

i wanna be your babydoll
(i just wanna be yours)
wrap me up nice and tight
love me all though the night
come lay me down enfold me in your arms
cover me with velvet kissed
rock me on and on and whisper softly to
me, "i wanna be your babydoll"

oh oh oh oh oh oh yea i'm
zonin' out thinkin bout you and me
between the sheets(oh oh oh oh)
i wanna get intimate but youre not within my reach
so i'll have a little more wine and i'll try to drink you out of my head
and lay awake a while till im high
enough i can forget all about you until
i wake up again...


slippin into dreams(into dreams)
i feel my love surround you
my subconscience seems (my subconscience seems)
to weave itself around you
do you care for me (do you care for me )
beyond anylization
tell me how you feel..
but don't keep me at bay cause i wont
be waiting long...

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