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[Verse 1: Gunplay]
I’m a knuckle-throwin' knucklehead
What that motherfucker said?
Bring that ruckus up in here
Throwin' bottles, chuckin' chairs
Got the pretty models duckin', breakin' heels and chippin' nails
Turn around and go right back to breakin' down my cigarillo
Climbin' up with Suga Hill, slidin' down in somethin' new
Spilling Gin and jungle juice, and I got that lumber too
And I brought a fuckin' zoo, tear this shit up and chuck a deuce
This triple C, they Triple L, lames love to lose
A hundred million in my horoscope, 'bout to show you a horror show
Boot you fuckin' head off your collar bone
Them niggas 'cidal bums flinchin' at the sight of arms
Pussy niggas ain't eatin', but we fry the farm
Beat a nigga down 'til he left without a vital sign


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I run off in your fuckin' shit, damn, now I got shit stains
All these fuckin' tattoos, and I ain't got one bitch name
Got a pocket full of ass-whoopings, I'm givin' 'em out like nicknames
What's up with your fist game?
You'll catch a hook - fish hang
Watch me cock the Nina, call that rough sex
Knock your head off, you just a rough neck
And if I'm shootin' at ya, nigga, all net
Ain't no world peace, just Ron Artest
Dick-in-a-booty-ass nigga
Die quicker then move your ass, nigga
Extra-fruit-in-the-smoothie-ass nigga
Get beat like a drum, music class, nigga BRR
Life is a gamble, dyin' is your best bet
Got a scope on the pistol, give your ass fresh breath
Give my fist a kiss, nigga


[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
What's really good, nigga? I'm feelin' good, nigga
Rest in peace lil' Wesley Wes
A pussy-ass nigga always kill a good nigga
I'm high as Heaven, I'll pop the reverend and stop the wedding
Got more money than memories in the bank, don't forget it
Clean em up my team is up, I'm high as Scotty, beam me up
They say we all gotta pay the price
Fuck it, man - ring me up
Fuckin' right I skate, ho - pussy is my scapegoat
And all these pussy-ass niggas that's hatin', kiss my ass, besos
I'm a genius, take notes - I'll split your egg to the egg yolk
I'll be dead before I be dead broke
Still burn money, my bread toast
Fuck it, if you got it, spend it, nigga
But just keep your two pennies, nigga
Start shit and I'll end it, nigga
Don't open your mouth, I'm a dentist, nigga
Lil' Tunechi... give my fist a kiss, nigga...

So beat the shit out of that pussy-ass nigga
Beat the shit out of that pussy-ass nigga
Bitch-ass, ho-ass, pussy ass-nigga
I beat the shit out of that pussy-ass nigga
We beat the shit out of that pussy-ass nigga
We shit out that pussy-ass nigga
Beat the shit out of that pussy ass-nigga
Fuck with me wrong, take me out my zone
I'll bring it to your chest, make you king me like Kong, my nigga
What you drink in this bitch?
I'll give you a whole bottle of it to your face, nigga

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