Leonid Rudenko feat Alexander - Stranger - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

You close the book, you shout it down
Can't find a way, to work it round,
And all that's left, this empty space,
I find the words, a fall from grace..

But all this time (2x)
You stay at your shoes and held your tongue
So what were wrong (2x)
A stranger to my eyes

Leavin' me out in the cold
Believe what you want, just to leavin'
I can't believe what you've done
Believe what you want, just to ... x2

I don't quite get, just what you do
and why all this is down to you
I'm not so sure, what I'm suppose to do
So when you're gone I guess I work it threw x2

And whole this time (2x)
I never believe it would come to this
And begins stand, (2x)
a stranger to my eyes..

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