Jeremy Camp - Take My Life - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Here I am before you now
like a child reaching out
Here I am I'm giving all I can
Well breaking my pride I feel I'm through
Shattered inside I run to you
And now I give it all to you

Take my life take my mind
take my soul take my will
Cause I am yours now, I give it all to you (x2)

Laying all down before my king
Offering all my everything
Laying all down before the one I serve
I can understand the reasons why
You came on this earth and died
And now I give it all to you


I can see you on my shoulder
And I know that you are there
I can see you paint my picture
For the beauty is all there


I give it all to you! (x4)

So take my life!

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