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My life is a musical
I know how to put on a pretty pathetic show
I hide backstage, keep the curtains closed
'Cause I'm scared, I'm scared

I'm getting pretty good at feeding them the lines they like
But I don't recognize the girl that I face each night
I can compromise 'till I'm convinced it's right

What happened to the girl who could overlook the world?
She never gave a second thought to what the other people thought
What happened to the dream of rejecting the routine
'Cause it never worked for me

I'm gonna burn this theater down
And pray to God for the strength to help me face the crowd
I wanna live like I lost the script
And scream every line like this is it

They say all the world's a stage
Rewriting your identity is all the rage
Well, next act, please, I'd like a change
I don't really like pretending this way



And the sad thing is we're all in on the action
We're all holding our breath waiting for a reaction
Ah, you play your part and I'll be playing with matches
And if you'd like a show, you can follow the ashes

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