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ahhhhh gucci, gu u u ci
ahhhhh gucci, gucci ahh
nothings goin to stop my reign(2x)

Gucci Mane
Hurt my opponents run through problems
stoppable i jump over obstacles
to stop my grind like stoppin sunshine so improbable
probable mission impossible
i said it two times nigga, nigga stop lying
nigga tryin to sell but im just not buying
look so nice but the kids knocked down
i swear its sicker than a new fruit i got called swine

standin on twine like a unicorn
strapped with a unibomb
everydays a work day
but dont wear uniform
Gucci Mane a dabudon
trouble like a capacorn
trouble month goin on money makin marathon

o joka i be robbin
and the riddle is the batmans comb
try not to fuck my money up
and rap career like pacman jones
thumb print me finger print me
but can we agree to disagree
im from isn on six wit a boy dun bricks
where we dont bump the blueprint three
nigga box me jus like mesh p
but you cant fuck me like resh p
like ali ima float like a butterfly
sting like a bee cuz itbe gucci ,gucci


streets de-rail maybe god dun failed me
oppurtunity knock but it jus e-mail me
DEA nail me watch reed jail me
take it like a champ wile the world mail me
yall dont like me, jay outsell me
nothin in the world kanye could tell me
you could be anyone but gucci
jaw so hard i can hardly do it
cus whoever i hurt you should live that movement
bae if you had the chance too you new
convictid fellon my little friends jailin
my stash ego and my bones that swellin
crazy so i need prozac really
my boy kept skerp and my folks so iry
so hardworkin my foes feel weary
fall in the club and the hoe start chearin
so heard me hear me i now yall hear me
i dont like lyin to mutch not really
high like brittany and stoned like jimmy
got a second chance like a dick in fury
this is slap music this is trap music
new boy da kelly yea they got jerk movemont
brick squad nigga we rock the block
gucci mane i wear fourfiths cocked


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