Gorky Park - Peace in Our Time - Скачать mp3 бесплатно


Everybody's got their cross to bear
You got yours and I got mine
Our hearts are beating to a different drum
The time has come to get in line
I say KNOCK KNOCK, is there anybody out there
Anybody who knows it all
Or are you just another pessimistic hero
Waiting for the sky to fall
I ain't here to draw a pretty little picture
Open up your eyes
I need some peace, a little peace
We got to get out alive


Peace in our time, peace in our mind
Everybody's got their cross to bear
Tell me, where do we go from here
I need some peace in my mind
We need some peace in our time

Wake up, take a look around
Tell me what you think you see
There's a whole lot of people in the lost and found
Looking for their liberty
There's a prime time war on my TV screen
There's a dope deal down on my city streets
And the only one who's losing out
Is you and me
I ain't here to paint a pretty little picture
We're running out of time
I need some peace
A little peace
If we're gonna survive


Now I ain't here to be no politician
Open up your mind
Open up your eyes


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