Gorky Park - California Promises - Скачать mp3 бесплатно


I'm on a side'o' canyon road
An' people drive and stare
I'm eating dust inside my throat
Away from the face I wouldn't wear


The ground spins inside my head
And I can't drive anymore
Just bring my body down
And dream of what there was before


Promises, my promises
They take me all the way to extreme
My California promises
They locked me up inside of a dream


I see the shadows on a strip
They come and stay for good
Sleepwalking grace with broken bones
They've come to conquer Hollywood


They fly at night to the candle light
They burn their wings and feel no pain
The part that once you got
You must go on and keep on playing


Stare, staring in the sky
Trying to catch a sight of angels flying
(See the sky with angels flying)
Stare, staring in the sky
I just see the eyes that are never crying

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