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When we used to write letters
and we never used to send text messages
you remember

When there was no facebook no youtube
never invalid the colleges
you remember

that technology’s a good thing
but many misuse it
and creak pies damages

the future is so great
but we can’t forget the past

I’m passionate about this memory I got this feeling
question to the letters and me ask dem what dem deathin’
see sah that the world need a spiritual headin’
what the youths that we leavin’
cyberspace take dem mind only that dem a believein’
the elders get bitter dem stop from teachin’
mites from the youths then how you ago reach him
tell me how you ago reach him

we remembering the past if there was in past
just remember seh there wouldn’t see no future
so I say said it with all costs on your behalf
just like how Christ death the youths ya
that’s just a moment in time to mesmerize your mind
you better at knowledge the truth ya
if your asperthe is crime you keep bring mankind
then your own weapon will shoot

Seh the good things in the past
no everything change everybody move fast
And youth see dem like dem all dem lost
Everybody wanna be a rebel we don’t a case

When we good have sound and the road
that sound everybody good a road rebel bouts
No detentions so high like it one touch the sky
dem a plan no fi try get you own

Many risk misuse (deleted)
The cases (deleted)
dem fi no life …

Any children used to listen to the teach
now the children dem a gwan dem have the teacher out the class
The missue it keep up good morning
no dem even questions to ask
but you climbing the youth got you now no the truth
these no one to well dem stick to the past

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