Gemini - Graduation - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

I see her there
Across the lake
And she is fair
A heart to break

I start to wait
A night of fear
And no one’s here

To say a word
And resonate
I’m taking courage

Her very name
I can’t escape
Her flowing dress
A wind of fate

I’m calling out
She turns her face
She’s walking slowly
I do the same

We start to float
Across the water
My heart is racing
She’s breathing harder

We’re flying closer
And fighting forces
That pull us back
With slight distortion

She’s reaching out
I see her hand
and heed the call
and then we fall…

I hear her voice
Inside a dream
The time is now
She’s everything

I hear her voice
Inside a dream
The time is now

I hear the noise
It’s all around me
We’re reaching out
And yet we’re drowning

It’s gravity that’s happening
The passion
The energy, or time travel,
It’s meant to be a divine outcome

and though I can’t make a sound
I could be entranced when you just say a vowel
Never understand why they want to keep us down
Everything I want to hear is you breathe when you’re loud

Swimming through a darker water, looking for a sign of you to
Make another song and sing it till the moon is lighting up your
And I say that I would never want to go, but everything will
fall apart
Until we reach our goals

My eyes are opened
I feel enlightened
The sun is shining
The skies are rolling

The grass is growing
and breathing air
I’m comprehending
I stand to glare

Into the water
It isn’t there.
The energy
Begins to build

She rises lightly
And hovers gently.
I feel the pull
But it’s going with me

We’re flying closer
And gliding towards it
No holding back
The picture’s perfect

She’s reaching out
I feel her hand
and seize the day
then we embrace…

I heard her voice
Inside a dream
The time is now
She’s everything

I heard her voice
Inside a dream
It’s time to start
Everything she does is art

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