Frank Sinatra - This Town - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

(Harmonica accompaniment)

This town is a lonely town,
Not the only town like-a this town.
This town is a make-you town
Or a break-you-town and bring-you-down-town.

This town is a quiet town
For a riot town like this town.
This town is a love-you town
And a shove-you-town and push-you-'round-town.


This town is an all-right town
For an uptight town like a this town.
This town - it's a use-you town,
An abuse-you-town until-you're-found-town.

This town is a losin' town,
It's a miserable town, it's a nowhere town.
And I am leavin' this town,
You better believe that I'm leavin' this town,
Man it could never be up-town -
It's bound to be downtown.

This town... Bye-bye-, bye, bye, bye, bye-, bye-bye...

(Fade out)

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