Ferry Corsten - Vocal melodic (Trance 2010) - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

I was wrong to say
I wouldn’t change a thing cause
In the story of our lives
The best of times
Through colour glass

And if you should call
It’s no trouble, no trouble at all
( http: )
I’ll paint out the sun
Back where we begun again

Time, goes on
Enough to let me move on past but
Every little now and then
It creeps on back to shape my smile
I’m here once again
And I’m dealing and I’m feeling the pain
So who takes the fall
That covers it all again

Put it on the right track, get it right back
A message from my heart is to allow it to stay apart
So put it on the right track, steal it right back
It’s high time now

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