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1.Basic Element - This Must Be A Dream
2.Ice MC Feat. Alexia - Dark Night Rider
3.Ice MC and Alexia - Think About The Way
4.ICE Mc feat. Alexia - It's A Rainy Day
5.Wildside-In My Heart In My Soul (Alternative Mix)
6.Wildside – One of us (euro mix)
7.MASTERBOY - I Need A Lover Tonight
8.Masterboy - Feel The Fire
9.Masterboy - Generation Of Love
People - In The Night (People Dub Mix)
- The Reason Is You (Extended Mix)
- Until All Your Dreams Come True (Tranceformer Club Mix)
- - When I Look Into Your Eyes(Special Italo Mistery Maxi Mix)
14 - Goodbye (Techno Eurodan

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