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Wait can I rap?

Lyrical miracle spirtual individual criminal sublimital
In your swimming pool

You about to see beasts destroy
It’ll never be restored
When I unleash these beastly hordes on your CD stores
Wanna stop it? You gon’ need a (?), at least three swords
A license to ill from the Beasty Boys, three quoji boards
A sqeegi and please be warned, do ask what the sqeegi’s for
Or the holy water, acid raps thatll eat these floors
Eat a whole in a rhyme book, do you see these horns?
And as for me you ask when Im gone “will he be mourned?”
Is puke luke warm?
Should Casey Anthony do porn?
Can that chick fit a new born dead baby inside I frickin shoebox with a shoehorn
And smother it in chlorofoam so she can go get her groove on?
Can she duct tape and velcro a fetus?
Joell, Yela, tell Joe I need his empty box from his old shell toed adidas
So I can put these babies in the fetal position, to give elbows to the penis
Yeah big deal, I took some little kids big wheel and spit in his firggin big kids meal
Quit tryna bite me and pinch me, sit still
Did you just put your six inch heel through my benz windsheild?!
Is it dust we bout to kick up?
Can YELAWOLF fit a fifth of rum in a big cup between in stickshift in his friggin pickup and drink like a hick redneck hill billy will til he gets hiccups!?
Flippin the script up like Mike Vick gettin his junk bit by a pit, yup, Ima sick pup
Id be a horrible magician, cause Ill fuck a trick up
Fix your lips up to say something fly, or zip up
A B, lets C, you said you were gonna do X Y Z
Till you fuck around and get dropped like an E
When you add an I-N-G
Do put a K infront of that though, when I MC
Im not the king of the microphone booth, its more like a phonebooth
Superman in this bitch, Kryptonite won’t do
It gives me more power, I beat the (?) poison
Eat rat poison and take meteor showers
Fresh outta the mental hospital

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