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I'm gonna get my gun!

Eminem: This motherfucker wants to disrespect me?
Kon Artist: Em, Em, what the fuck you doing man?
Eminem: I got something for his ass.
Kon Artist: Calm Down
Eminem: No YOU Calm Down!
Kon Artist: Man. . what's you're problem?
Eminem: Fuck that! The motherfucker want's to pop shit to me!?
Kon Artist: Man, he wasn't poppin' shit.
Eminem: You heard him he was poppin' them shit
Kon Artist: What shit?
Eminem: That shit! You heard him!
Kon Artist: He asked for your autograph!

A mass murderer pack burners to blast further then you can get
My shit be shooting through bricks
I mix anything togetha, I done guillotine a nigga
Keep it heated, I pop clips with 17 or better
I'll be severin' heads, i'm in everyones nightmare
A nigga that can never ever be scared of the feds
And the niggas that'll fuck with you
Stab and brass knuckle you
Then have you in the public, theres nothing that you can do
Enough with you're motherfucking tough talk, you're soft
Get you're balls blew off, from a sawdof , Fa' raw dawg?
Crazier then all yall , what you like the navy when I'm angry
You'll never catch me hanging in a narc's car
All I have is thoughts of, breathing evil
Desert Eagle's will eat threw people
When I see you I'ma heat you're beef slow
Fuck being peaceful, the piece in the vehicle and. . .

[Eminem - Chorus]
This motherfucker's poppin' that shit
Nah fuck that i'll be right back
Nah motherfucker fuck you
You ain't disrespecting me like that
Walk to the room, sixteen shot clip
Bitch how you like that?
Bet you ain't know that I'm strapped
Nice gun, bitch this is my gat

I bring it to niggas looking as if they want trouble
I send they body flippin' around like a stunt double
Forget about the fighting, scrapping, squabing, buckin'
I'll squeeze the piece you jumping, dodging, duckin'
Squat under trucks and screaming "that nigga's bluffin'"
I cuff my nuts while cussing "don't trust him"
I round up Runyan, Dave, Wood and Nico
My nigga Big I and Mal' lettin' the heat blow
Heat sleep hoes got in you're neepo
'Cuz you keep shooting at me and missing like Shaq's free-throws
You gotta hit a little closer if you wanna try
Pistol whip a soldier, with a missle on his shoulders
You can fold or blow ya' brick house into some tiny boulders
A grimey older cab will leave you with a tiny odor
I'm doggish, you feeling frogish, you leap bitch
My car is right across the street bitch and . . (I'M GONNA GET MY GUN!)

My whole outfit count clips
Get you're house lit the fuck up
You're spouse shit, and you're mouse clip
Betta' watch miscountliss, slugs I'ma send
Watch you hollow when the hollow tips dove threw you're skin
I'm in love with the sin, tell Bugz I'ma see him
When I cock back might put the door on you're friends
Make a run, gotta him, bust a slug on his chin
Ain't going nowhere like the drugs outta Kim.
I'm a psycho icon, a mightful might bomb
Get a eye full of lead when I slight you're lights out
With a street cleaner, wipe you're life out
Bullets know at you're ears, like a Tyson fight bout
Fuck the night clout, guns, clips...(I'M GONNA GET MY...)
Fuck that run bitch!
Hit the streets talks, chumps don't know me
Aint no problem ? by a homie

(Chorus fades to background music)
Dumbass motherfuckers allways gotta come to me with some dumb shit!
. . .Fucking. . . I done told this

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