Eminem - Desperation (feat. Jamie N Commons) - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

[Verse 1]
Girl you give me writer's block, I'm at a loss for words
My minds as lost as yours, I rack my brain
But still no thoughts emerge, never seen no ass as large as yours
How much that cost? That's what I call a Roethlisberger
You drive me bonkers I’m about to get my swerve on for sure
Thought I was pimping 'til I felt like Nas, the first
Date cause I think I gave you power, when I gave you flowers
And I bought us a box of chocolates, no lozenges, cough drops and syrups
Probably should of never let me call that job of yours
To talk to your boss and ask him if you can take off from work
Should of been one of the first signs to cause to learn
Man we jumped in too fast, cause since then I can't be apart from her
Cause nobody's body's awesomer, I lust it and she loves me
Cause I'm popular, but you know this ain't love

[Hook: Jamie N Commons]
You know this ain't love, you know this ain't love
You know this ain't love, you know this ain't love (What is it then?)
It's desperation (She's looking for Mr. Right, wants me to be that guy to her)
It's desperation (I can't even put up a fight, cause I give in at the sight of her)

[Verse 2]
Well, obviously, oblivious to me, I swore I was just invisible to you
'til I went to the lengths I did to meet you
Cause you played so hard to get with me from the beginning
Now I'm in disbelief I, never knew that this could be such misery, ah
Cause now you see nothing but me, and I don't see nothing but you
And I'm about to flip cause we are super glued in
We stuck to each other's hips and we can't
Do anything individually, which is to cling on, scared to be alone
Can't, specifically to describe it I just can't seem to give a reason
This definitive, just need you, talking 'bout "I live and breathe you"
And you pretend to be as mentally and physically
Addicted to me as Wiz Khalifa is to reefer
Don't wanna be without you, don't wanna be with you neither, bitch
Put me in a situation in which it's both I wish to seek, cause this ain't love


[Verse 3]
And here I go again
Just want you to myself, don't wanna share you with no one else
What the fuck you whispering for? You get on my nerves, you make me sick
I think our relationship, it seems to be on the fritz
I mean it's time that we just split and leave the
Games behind your frame of mind ain't the same as mine
I think you need to finish developing a little more mentally too
Get the picture? That's a negative, Alicia, I will never give the Keys up
To the crib, ever again, no reason not even a gift certificate from Tiffany's
You better have an epiphany, slut, guess what? Galisa
I'm just mad it took the time it took me to discover
You been using me for loot like I used you for looks
Thought you was too good for me, huh, yeah
Twat used to be my Carrie Underwood, I was your lumberjack
But I can't stomach this, I'm leaving you, I'm not coming back
She said "The fuck with that, where's my Louisville Slugger at?"
She grabbed that fucking bat and swung it at my head
I barely ducked and that's right
When she came up with a kick to the nuts twice, steel toe
Girl probably coulda put a 100 yard field goal, through the uprights


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