Eluveitie - Luxtos - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

At the rise of a new dawn
Rose the children of the sun
To inhabit a kingdom
Augustly crowned in rock mass vast

All lakes are sanowaries
Live covent nemetors
All forests are hallowed
Blest groves of an invictus tribe

Nertom woloutom que
Etsi snis Karãmos-e
Nertom woloutom que etsi-snis
Emmos snis riyi emmos snis
Widomor-e Karãmos-e
Emmos-snis riyi emmos snis andrometi
Nertom woloutom que etsi-snis
Emmos-snis riyi emmos-snis

A kingly tribe sublime
Arose in its golden time
In a prosperous era
The age primordial reign

A horde of untameables
Invincible Armada
A dashing bold host
Of venturous fearnaughts

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