Why should I listen to him
Or dream of him and sing for him
Suddenly passion brought out words that made me hopeful about him
And who knows for sure
If he's accepting another love
And what else is his love hiding

Why am I OK with the torment of my heart that melted with love for him
The most beautiful days in our life mean nothing to him
It's such a shame for him to forget what we had and forget me
While I only think of him

I'm waiting for you, hoping to live my whole life with you darling
And I don't know when desire will let you begin to feel love
I haven't forgotten you, and in your abscence I dream that I'm living with you
How did you forget everything between us and sent away your love

Oh, nights passed and I was patience and what did I get aside from the separation that was written for me and I lived
He stayed away, and my love's torment is something else
Torment that can't be expressed in words

What does life mean
With out you I'll go on living it and what will I need
And if one day I ask 100, 000 whats
Even if the years went by I would still miss his eyes and wouldn't forget him

Why is he leaving me and going away and forgetting me when my soul is with him
Nights passed and I was patience and what did I get, after his love

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