Dying Fetus - Your Treachery Will Die With You - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Anxiety of treachery, wary of the interloper
Never from the circle, the kindred you've confided in

Always from a stranger, is what you would believe in?
Cold-blooded betrayal, something not easily forgotten

Envy was the poisonous effect, flowing through your veins
Of What you should not covet, cowardly disdain
You talked all you shit, you couldn't help yourself
Wanting to divulge, craving to share your exploit
Greed in being the king, naive of the penalty

Revealing secrets, proceeded to deceive
Never seen it coming blinded camaraderie

Trust an afterthought, of what would not occur
Reflection powers fury, dominating need to act

Angst of retribution, only fleeting thought of dismissed
Desire for revenge, strengthening resolve.
Fleeting for respite, antagonism boiling over
Settling at hand, consider your life
Forfeit in every way, repugnance in my sight

Bash your fucking head; don't feel that will be enough
Mesmerizing in your pain, salt the wounds that burdened me
Your suffering is justified, affect as much as I can bring
Contemplating what you've earned, all this anguish you deserve

Must prolong your agony, persecution cruelty
Carving you like a pig, warranted distress you live
Vindicated mind-set spreads, all over me like gusting wind
Don't distress because I'm not done, we'll start all over later as one

Your back stabbing morals have taken away my life
My conduct in your torture must make it worth it
Haven't thought of this process I've undertaken
Extend your affliction I'll work to keep you aware

Wide awake your torment makes me think of how you act
The all-embracing jealousy hidden surging in your shell
No suspicion on you, loved to play the game of loyalty
Misery saturates all you know to find me satisfied

There will be no peace for me now
Distrust for anyone I'll ever encounter
Your treachery will die with you

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