Deep Forest with Peter Gabriel - While The Earth Sleeps - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Dali znaesh mila majko
shto sum ne srekjna
Cel den doma sama sedam
Nadvor ne smejam.
(repeat x 4)

Do you know, my dear mother, How unhappy (miserable) I am
All day I sit at home alone, I am not allowed outside.

Interpreting the Song:

This song is one of many, with the motive of "forbidden love" and mother's punishment. Mother punished this girl by locking her in her room so she wouldn't "shame" her family by having an forbidden love affair with her chosen boy. By expressing her misery, the girl actually asks her mother to let her go out and have free love. She points at her mother's own old wounds because her mother also had the same problem when she was young. This motive occurs very seldom in both Macedonian and Serbian ethno songs.

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